Test Your Knowledge

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True or false   

#1 The upper front main bearing can be worn by a belt that is Adjusted too tight?

#2 The best way to clean an aluminum Engine is to use a Hot caustic tank?

#3 Blue-gray smoke comes from the Exhaust during deceleration due to bad piston rings?

# 4 A stuck open Thermostat can cause an engine to overheat?

#5 As the engine speed increases the mechanical fan clutch speed increases also?

#6 When performing a proper compression test only the spark plug for that cylinder should be removed?

#7 If the Battery open circuit voltage is less than 12.4V you should charge the battery at a fast rate?

#8 Engines with higher compression ratios must use lower octane fuel?

#9 The E.G.R valve when open lets hot exhaust into the intake to raise combustion temp to produce more engine power?

# 10 A tapping noise is heard coming from the upper part of the engine at idle it could be valvetrain problems as well as an exhaust leak?







# 1 True  A belt that’s too tight will cause wear to the front upper main bearing 

# 2  False caustic will damage aluminum 

# 3 False worn rings will make the engine smoke worse under acceleration

#4 False it will not cause the engine to overheat

#5 False the mechanical fan clutch speed increases with engine temp not speed

#6 False all plugs should be removed so the engine will crank more easily 

#7 False the battery should be charged at a slow rate

#8 False engines with a compression ratio of 9.3:1 or less can operate safely using 87octane  engines with higher compression ratios will use higher octane

#9 False raise combustion temps to reduce smog gases

#10 True a leak at the exhaust manifold can make a tapping sound which can be confused with valve train noise